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Our Story
The founder and owner of Airport-Island Shuttles, Ron Stephens has had a heart for the transportation business since he was 13 years old (of course at the time he had no idea where he was headed). Having a fascination with the airport and its surroundings, he used to regularly take the bus for two hours from his home to the airport to watch planes take off and land. He dreamed of someday maybe becoming a pilot (shuttling people in the air).

By the time Ron had reached the age of 16 he was able to buy his first car with money he had saved from mowing lawns and flipping hamburgers. Being one of the first of his friends to own a car, he began his first shuttle service for his pals. When he wasn't driving his friends around, he would just driiiiiiive….. He spent most of his extra cash on gas (which wasn't easy when you could only buy gas on certain days during the gas crunch).

Ron worked at various jobs until he was offered a high profile position when he was 18 years old (thanks to mom, who still thinks the greatest of him). When he was 20 years old

he was laid off in spite of the fact that he outperformed everyone in his office. This was a positive turning point in his life which gave him the tenacity never to allow his success to be determined by someone else - you see, this is when he decided never to work for anyone again.

It was by no coincidence that it was at this time in his life he volunteered to help in a Christian teen ministry which, can-you-believe-it, entailed driving the bus and shuttle vans for the youth group to and from various activities. His zeal for helping others gave him the inspiration to go to college. After finishing college in 1987 he moved to Oahu to help lead a small Christian ministry. This is where he met the key to his success - Cecilia… now his wife.

Cecilia, although never having any shuttle experience, and having hardly any driving experience, was the perfect match for Ron (someone had to stay home to answer the phone and do the books). They now have four beautiful children (I guess Ron got to stay home a little), who fortunately are emulating mostly just the good qualities from their parents. Ron and Cecilia believe in raising children of character (which they believe is lacking in our society today) and hope that theirs will become our leaders of tomorrow. (Their older children now actually help with various aspects of the business).

After starting many small businesses, several of which were in the transportation industry, Ron and Cecilia awoke to the fact that no one on the island of Oahu was providing island wide, door to door shuttle service. Having already been in the transportation industry since 1989 they saw the need to provide the people on the island and those visiting, a less expensive, shared-ride alternative…. Hence the concept was born.

They began their business by trying to solicit the interest and support of friends in the transportation industry. They found nothing but apathy and disinterest, and therefore decided to do it on their own.

They first began by just serving central Oahu, and due to word of mouth advertising have become Hawaii's first and largest island-wide shuttle service for the entire local community and its' visitors. They have grown from a handful of customers, to several thousand regular clients. They send a huge mahalo (thanks) to all of you whom they owe their success.

Ron and Cecilia also believe that their success is in part, due to being the pioneers of the island wide shuttle concept on Oahu. Although they had no one to compare themselves to, being the first gave them the edge that most companies only dream of. Because they had no one to copy, they continually just grew their business in such a way as to provide the most excellent service for the lowest price. Now they run a fleet of vans, and spend most of their time managing the business. When Ron was asked if he's sorry for never becoming a pilot he simply responded; "I'm too busy and having too much fun to think about it".