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Enjoy the Aloha

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We think you'll find the Honolulu International Airport to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing airports in the world. Our airport is surrounded by lush greenery, tropical plants, and coconut palm trees. While waiting for your flight take a few moments to visit the miniature arboretum lush with vegetation and koi ponds located on the first floor in the center of the airport. You museum buffs might enjoy visiting the airport museum located on the second floor near the center of the airport. You gamers can visit the game room located near Gate #13. (Here you can take out some of your travel stress on a virtual person instead of your flight attendant.) Whatever your tastes - including the food courts (which offer a little local flavor) - we're sure you'll find our airport to provide you with the most casual, laid-back, aloha-filled traveling experience in the world.

General Honolulu Travel Information

Baggage Claim and Arrivals
The State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture requires passengers arriving with plants, animals, and any agricultural materials to declare them on the Agricultural Declaration Form distributed inflight to Hawaii. Plant quarantine inspectors will be stationed in the baggage claim area to examine all agricultural items. The Department of Agriculture also requires dogs and cats be quarantined, and special permits to be obtained for other pets. For further agricultural information on bringing in plants, non domestic animals, and microorganisms, call the State Department of Agriculture at (808) 837-8413. For domestic animals, call (808) 837-8092.

Check In and Departures
All baggage bound from Hawaii to the U. S. Mainland is subject to pre-flight inspection by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Restrictions on the movement of fruits, plants, live snails, and other items from Hawaii to the Mainland are enforced to prevent the spread of fruit flies and other hazardous plant insects and diseases. Please report all agricultural items in your possession to the agricultural inspectors. Inspection stations for check-in baggage are located in front of the airline check-in counters while hand carried articles will be inspected at the security check points. Be prepared to open and close your baggage and parcels for x-ray machine inspection. For further information call the U. S. Department of Agriculture at (808) 861-8490.