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General Arrival Information

We will be checking with your airline to find out when you will actually land. Your driver will be waiting only a few moments away from the holding area.

For international arrivals our driver should be at the airport 30-45 minutes after the plane lands.

For mainland arrivals our driver should be at the airport 20-30 minutes after the plane lands.

For inter-island arrivals our driver should be at the airport 15-20 minutes after the plane lands.

If you missed a connection or any of your fight information has changed, you must call us to let us know of the changes. If our driver waits for you and you have failed to let us know of any changes
we will still ask you to be responsible for the fare.


Arrival Instructions

Go Call:
When you have your luggage and are ready for pick up you should call us from your cell phone or from one of the pay phones located in the baggage claim area.

If calling from a cell phone you should dial (808) 521-2121.

If calling from a pay phone you could dial 1 (800) 624-9554. This will be a free call.

Both numbers ring through to the same line. Although, we have your reservation it is still necessary for you to call. The security at the airport will not allow us to stop at the pick up location unless we are loading customers and or luggage into our vehicle.

Listen to the voice-mail menu options and press the appropriate button for arriving passengers. You will be connected to the dispatcher who will give you directions to the pickup area. He will also give you a description of the van and may ask for a description of your party.

Follow the dispatcher's instructions and move towards the pickup area known as the Permittee Area. The area is designated by small green signs and a green painted curb. In our experience, following our detailed instructions is the best way to be sure you are at the right place.

Look for the white mini-van with the black lettering: "Airport-Island Shuttles".

Leave your luggage at the curb, and enjoy the ride. Our driver will take care ofthe rest.